5 Things you probably didn’t know about me

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Hey loves! I’ve been busy so busy these past two weeks with wedding planning that I haven’t gotten to show my blog any love. Today I decided to come sit at my favorite coffee shop, drink some matcha and get some work done.

So here’s a quick post so you guys can get to know me a little better!

#1: I’m terrified of the dark – If I was to be locked in a dark room by myself I’d probably have a full blown panic attack. Ever since I was younger – I’ve always slept with a night light or with my bedroom door cracked opened and a light on in the hall. Thankfully, I now have a roommate fo’ life and I no longer have to be scared to sleep alone in the dark!

#2: I’m 4’11 – Okay, if you know me you already know this one – but if you don’t, well now you know I’m tiny. I actually like being this short – I used to hate it when I was younger because I’d get picked on A LOT.

#3: I have horrible anxiety – My anxiety has gotten a lot better this past year but it still sneaks up on me every once in a while. I think I’ve just learned how to control it with time.

#4: I’m actually an introvert – I think this has a lot to do with my anxiety. I’d rather stay in and have a game or movie night than go out and party. In the past maybe 3 years the only times I’ve gone out and partied have been for my close friend’s birthdays and I have to mentally prepare myself before going, HA! – My bachelorette is coming up and I was told I have no say on what they plan for me so PRAY FOR ME.

#5: I’m obsessed with coffee – I have to drink coffee every morning and sometimes I’ll get a second cup on my lunch break but I only like it for the taste, it does not give me energy at all. I think my body is just used to the caffeine now lol.

Thanks for stopping by! ❤

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